International Polish Championship of PhD Students in Beach Volleyball

International Polish Championship of PhD Students in Beach Volleyball

12-14.08.2014 Gdynia City


Honorary Patronage of the President of Gdynia - Wojciech Szczurek, PhD


The aim of the Championship is to integrate doctoral environments in Europe and promotion of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

Championship Terms:

  1. 1Championship Organiser : National Representation of Ph.D. Candidates in Poland
  2. Localisation: Poland, Gdynia Municipal Beach, Zawisza Czarny St.
  3. Accommodation : Poland, Gdynia, 207 Col. Dąbka St. (XIII High School )
  4. Coordinator : Katarzyna Kropielnicka AWF Wroclaw, e-mail: katarzyna.kropielnicka@krd.edu.pl
  5. Referee: Jaroslaw Kłodziński AWFiS Gdansk
  6. The University may delegate only one team of up to 4 people .
  7. During the match the team plays only as a mixed couple.
  8. Submission deadline: 10.07.2014 at 12:00 .
  9. Application forms should be sent to: jaroslaw.klodzinski@krd.edu.pl

10.  Participation in the tournament:
a) The teams arrive at their own expense
b) Participation in the tournament is voluntary
c) The team have to provide self-insurance on their own
d ) The organizer provides modest conditions to stay in school halls of 8 people
(two teams in 1 room) .
e ) The organizer provides breakfasts
f ) on the field playing team consists of two people (male and female PhD student)

11.  Competition:

  1. 16 teams can participate in the tournament ( up to 8 teams from Polish ) on a first-come-first-service basis
  2. Teams compete within eight groups of four teams each, Each group plays a round-robin tournament, in which each team is scheduled for three matches against other teams in the same group.
  3. The best team in the group will advance to the semi-finals
  4. Semi-finals are followed by the third-place match (contested by the losing semi-finalists), and the final.
  5. Teams are ranked from 1st to 16th place.
  6. Matches are judged by a single referee.
  7. Team captain is the only person that can discuss with the referee.
  8. A game is being played to 15 points, the game is not over until a team leads by 2 points.
  9. The games are played according to Polish Volleyball Federation rules.
  10. Technical briefing is planned on 11.08.2014 at 20:00 in the accommodation place.
  11. In cases not covered by the rules of Championships the referee decides.

Prizes: trophies, medals, diplomas

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